Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hello?? Anyone there?

I am so embarrassed about my lack of posts and I have many excuses but I will spare those boring details and catch up! Last summer we went to Frisco to visit my brother John and his sweet family. One day we took all the kiddos on a field trip to In and Out Burger. I had never been and I must admit the burgers were divine.

The kids had a week end trip planned to Dana's dad and Meme's but Mallory was sick and couldn't make the trip. So me and Dana took her to Galveston(still sick) and she had a great day with us all to herself. Playing on the beach, lunch, a carriage ride and a ride in our neighbors Jeep.
The beginning of the summer was A. Lot. Of. Swim.Team. Dana is the President. Chloe is an assistant coach. All three little kids swim. And I run around like a chicken with my head cut off! But it is fun and the kids love it. And we love it to.(when it's over)
In July we went to Austin for a Merris Reunion. We had fun swimming and boating on the lake. The house was awesome that we stayed in and the cousins had so much fun. This is my sister Nicole and my Mallory. Obviously they look alike. Mallory is my only one that looks like my side of the family.
Mallory, Mia, JJ and Callie just chill en. They had a blast together. Well that was a small recap of the summer. We actually had so much fun, spent a lot of time at Splashtown, the pool, and really enjoying our lazy days.


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