Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What's up with the Tuckers

You know have you get this idea in your mind of a great family outing? You plan to go to an awesome activity, you can picture the children laughing, having fun. You and your honey give each other a high five with your eyes, thinking we are the best parents ever? This was NOT one those times. AT ALL. I bought tickets to the air show about an hour away in south Houston. Super excited because we have been many times in Austin and the little girls have never been. First we were running behind, Dana was sad because we were "missing all the good stuff". Then we get down to the general area(less than 3 miles from the airport) and traffic stops. Dead stops. Two alternative routes and many swear words and TWO HOURS LATER we pulled into the parking lot. We tried to recover but it took a while to get our attitudes set right. But we did have fun, got to see cool planes and most Importantly we saw the Blue Angels and that was Almost worth the trip. Our motto is Making Memories and we have decided that can be good or bad ones, but memories all the same.

Mia really impressed to be in the helicopter
Mia , Chloe and Cole in our white trash seats AKA a wagon.

Mallory and Cole ready to fly

Cute pic of the girls taken by Chloe. I love this picture.
Chloe takes better pictures on a self timer than I can on my own.
All in all the kids are great, we are healthy and are blessed beyond words.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

It Is All About Love

It is OFFICIAL- I have fallen to a NEW LOW that I can barely speak about. I have sworn for at least the past 6 years that pets were not going to happen. I have had pets and it was never a successful venture. Was it terrible pets? Most likely not. It was me. I am not a pet lover. I don't even think I am a pet liker.(grammer...what??) So how is it that you are staring at a picture of a dog??

Chloe rescued this little pup from a pool and brought her home. I thought for sure the owners would be found but that has not happened. But as the days turned into weeks, I discovered something. I still do not like dogs(too messy, too crazy, too smelly) but I DO love my children. And seeing them so in love with this little dog melted me to the point of no return. Love always wins, right? They are already fighting about who is going to take the dog when they move out- 11-15 years away! So Gracie is part of our family, a family where five people love her and one person tolerates her. But that one person adores her children loving their dog.

What could I say?