Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Paint Make Overs

Before Paint. After 1999. Giant Armoire.

I am sure I have wrote about how paint is really the fastest, cheapest,most effective tool to makeover your home. After putting off some painting for a while, I finally got to it and painted my giant armoire. I actually took courage from my favorite blogger The Nester, who has the EXACT armoire and painted hers a cool aqua color. I almost went the safe route and painted this baby yellow but decided to go for it and went with a lime green.(thanks Kelly) And I absolutely love it!

And although I really Want a new coffee table, I settled for taking an old Texas-themed tray I never used(picture horse shoes on the ends). A quick coat of Heirloom White and some $3 flowers from Wally World. Ta- Da!

I have added my chistmas bling already!

So there is my paint projects and I will post my christmas decorations soon.... After I paint three more black dining chairs and two little chairs for the girls Santa present. SHHHHH