Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Catching up Part 2

We have been quite busy once school started this year. So when Christmas came we were all glad to take a break from activities and just have some fun. We went ice skating in Austin but it was so warm there was water everywhere! But the kids loved it and they were actually all good skaters.

Cole had a field trip in the fall to a farm in our area that preserved homes of original settlers. I went and "got" to dress up as a pioneer and show part of the home. Cole said it was AWESOME!
Chloe took her senior pictures right when school was starting and of course they turned out amazing. She has really grown up and we are looking forward to the next chapter for Chloe. She has committed to Southern Utah University for the fall and is very excited to leave high school.
This is Mia's first day of kindergarten. She was so excited to finally join her big sister and brother at school. She loves school and spends large quantities of time re-telling and re-teaching me everything she learns.

Hello?? Anyone there?

I am so embarrassed about my lack of posts and I have many excuses but I will spare those boring details and catch up! Last summer we went to Frisco to visit my brother John and his sweet family. One day we took all the kiddos on a field trip to In and Out Burger. I had never been and I must admit the burgers were divine.

The kids had a week end trip planned to Dana's dad and Meme's but Mallory was sick and couldn't make the trip. So me and Dana took her to Galveston(still sick) and she had a great day with us all to herself. Playing on the beach, lunch, a carriage ride and a ride in our neighbors Jeep.
The beginning of the summer was A. Lot. Of. Swim.Team. Dana is the President. Chloe is an assistant coach. All three little kids swim. And I run around like a chicken with my head cut off! But it is fun and the kids love it. And we love it to.(when it's over)
In July we went to Austin for a Merris Reunion. We had fun swimming and boating on the lake. The house was awesome that we stayed in and the cousins had so much fun. This is my sister Nicole and my Mallory. Obviously they look alike. Mallory is my only one that looks like my side of the family.
Mallory, Mia, JJ and Callie just chill en. They had a blast together. Well that was a small recap of the summer. We actually had so much fun, spent a lot of time at Splashtown, the pool, and really enjoying our lazy days.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Where Does All the Time Go?

Mia all smiles

Have you ever got a daughter all ready for prom? It is about a 3-4 month process. Kinda fun, kinda stressful. But she is your oldest and its all exciting. And then the big day arrives and she looks so beautiful and you can't believe she is old enough to go to prom. And then 4 days later you watch another daughter graduate from Pre School. That's crazy right? And this daughter is your youngest and all I can think of is where has all the time gone?
Big Moment

Chloe torturing her date.
Chloe and Skylar and dates

Well, I can't believe one is about to jump out into the world and another is just dipping her toe in. Sigh

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New York City

The morning after Thanksgiving me and Chloe headed to New York City for a girls trip. My sister in law Cindy, my mom Cathy and one of my sisters Jessica all went. We stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment 4 long blocks from Time Square. We had an amazing time. But don't worry, I didn't bring the camera! So the pics are from the phone.

Chloe and I LOVED all the cool buildings and neighborhoods. This building was across the street from Bryant Park.

We happened upon Bryant Park on accident and it was all done up for the holidays. There were vendors and even ice skating.
We did eat Very well, and I mean good food, not healthy food! But we did walk everywhere so that helps the good food stay off our bodies! Here is Chloe and Cindy.

Wish this pic was better. We saw The Lion King, The Rocket's and Billy Elliot. All the shows were awesome. We went shopping, drove by Central Park on the way to eat at Serendipity. Which was amazing. We bought purses from street vendors and thought we might never be seen again as we followed him up a secret staircase. But we bought Louie and Chanel and Juicey. So totally worth almost dying! What an amazing trip we had! Thanks Mom for the theater tickets and the apartment! Best Christmas present Ever!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Decor 2010

This year I decided to add a little cheer to my room. Mainly because of this lil pillow! I loved making it and I love looking at it even more.

The front table is holding my small collection of snowmen. I like to clump decorations rather than spread them out over the house, it has a bigger impact I think.

I finally get to put out my Christmas china this year. I even bought my first cloth napkins! The plates have pine cones on them so the jar seemed to beg for pine cones.

Candy and treats, although they have been eaten quite a bit. Need to refill ASAP!

Love this candy cake stand. Its all about peppermint this year in the kitchen and on the tree.

This snowman didn't really go with the others so he got his own spot on the coffee table.

Like I said, it's all about the peppermint this year!

Dana's grandmother Karen makes this most amazing ornaments for the kids. Yes, she sewed this Santa herself! I am not going to want to let my kids take these when they grow up~

Not the best picture of the tree. But you get the idea.

The mantle was tricky. I didn't do the traditional garland this year. My tree is right next to the mantle so I went with something more simple. All in all, I just love Christmas decor. I am still making a few more things for this year because I just can't stop myself. And when it all must come down, I do get a little sad. So I enjoy every minute.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Favorite time of year hands down!!!
And I live in Texas where fall is maybe a week long. But decorating fall is awesome!
Here is a look at my candy bar. I have been planning one for Christmas all year but decided to practice now. Love the labels. 1.99 at Michael's. Martha is so clever.

All her glory. Decorations are always a her. How about those little ghosts?

This sign I picked up in Canton last week. It was the glitter that got me.

Fav halloween craft. Painted book and glitter paper run thru the Cricut.

Love all the black this year. Makes me feel all creepy.

New Firsts

So the past month and a half has been packed full of new firsts. I knew the new little moments were coming and let's be honest, I was a little giddy. So here are just a few of our new Firsts.

Mia is on her First team. The Tigers. We were feeling really good about it because the color was right...can't go wrong with orange people.
Second she was soooooo dang excited to play. Then came the first practice and I knew this first was not going to be a fond memory someday. Nope. Turns out she doesn't like to run because it hurts her legs. Really.

And there is the other problem of not really focusing on the task at hand. She looks like this a lot. Unless she is actually laying on the field...while her teammates are running around. Yea, that was a proud moment. Especially since she does have the coolest girl who plays soccer name.(Mia Hamm.) Sigh.

But another good first was Mia's first day of pre-school. She was more excited than the picture proves. And she likes going. Although she did mention she thinks the crafts are dumb. Really?
Another big first was having 2 kids head out to the bus stop. Cole is in third grade and Mallory is in first. Both like some part of school. We will leave it at that.

So to wrap up our firsts
First time to have only one child at home since 2002.
First time I have 2 kids at one school.
First time to have 3 morning a week all to myself.
First time to volunteer at school on a weekly basis.
First time all 4 of my kids are involved in activities.( Cole wrestling, Chloe soccer, Mallory dance and Mia soccer-sort of)

First time to be able to clean my whole house at one time since 2002.
First time to have conversations with other parents for more than 10 seconds at a time.
First time I sat down to read in an empty house and cried. Just a little. Because the firsts can be scary. And feel a little weird. And then you know there are lots more firsts that will make you cry.