Thursday, October 7, 2010


Favorite time of year hands down!!!
And I live in Texas where fall is maybe a week long. But decorating fall is awesome!
Here is a look at my candy bar. I have been planning one for Christmas all year but decided to practice now. Love the labels. 1.99 at Michael's. Martha is so clever.

All her glory. Decorations are always a her. How about those little ghosts?

This sign I picked up in Canton last week. It was the glitter that got me.

Fav halloween craft. Painted book and glitter paper run thru the Cricut.

Love all the black this year. Makes me feel all creepy.


Kelly said...

hurrah for blogging! I was going to tell you to post this! love it! come over and fix mine!

tyandbrandie said...

How fun - you have a Halloween display table! Love it. I love Fall too and decorating and dressing up. Makes me feel like a kid again. You seem to have a talent for decorating! Thanks for sharing.

Hilarie said...

so cute! i love it. isn't that Martha Stewart stuff too cute!

Jenn said...

I always love to check out your decorating:) You are so talented. Also I'm surprised we haven't seen you at the soccer fields! You must be on the opposite side. We are always there because Jeff and Alyssa both play:) Well you have a lot of exciting firsts! You go girl! Miss all ya'll at Good Old Olde Oaks!