Saturday, March 20, 2010

Galveston Trip

My brother John and sister in law Cindy came down for a quick visit while John worked here in Houston. We decided to drive down to the beach for a day since it is only a little over an hour away......EXCEPT when it is the Friday at the end of spring break. Then it takes 3 hours with 6 kids in the car(two Illegally), one who was sick with stomach issues, one who is 5 months and hungry but super cute. You get the picture. BUT amazingly, once we got to Galveston, it was fun. The beach was nice, the food was awesome and we even visited an ice cream shop with candies and treats.

Cindy, me and Chloe(under the blanket is Mia- so sick. My best mom ever award is in the mail for sure.)

Cole and Mallory climbing on the rocks

Mallory being Mallory. So cute because this is totally her. All the time!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mia Pia

Mia is growing up and couldn't be happier. She is so enjoyable and entertaining. She Loves the park and could swing for hours. She likes any movie she can talk me into watching and likes to ride her bike with Cole and Mallory.

Mia started gymnastics in January and ask everyday if it is Tuesday. She is learning a lot and now Cole wants to try it too! She is in her bathing suit because it was beach day at the gym.

Climbing at the park in another highlight. She is fearless and reminds me a lot of Cole.

We all went up to the pool to register for swimteam. There was hot dogs and a bounce house. Pretty much everything a kids could want! Mia is signed up to swim. She taught herself last summer to swim, so she is ready. Are they ready for her? Hard to know.

Mallory Cate

Mallory has been a busy girl. She has been doing awesome in school and is working hard. She loves school, her teacher and all her friends. Girls only. She loves to have play dates but Mia will do in a pinch! Here she is at the petting zoo and she pretty much would have stayed forever.

Her school did a rodeo day and we had to make a pony. Then they had a parade which was too cute. Her pony was pink of coarse!

She had to match with pink clothes and she LET me braid her hair since cow girls have braids! She kills me.
This picture pretty much sums Mallory up. Always goofy, a little crazy and sure does not care what you think! She is fun and smart and the most attached to me. She hates when I leave but rarely gives kisses.

Cole Brandon

Here is Cole at the rodeo petting zoo. He was pretty much in heaven. I took him to where all the FFA kids had their animals and explained to him how it worked. He said he would like to raise animals in high school. But he would not be selling them. Maybe sell the milk. Only. And he was sad he couldn't do the mutten busten. Where the kids hold on for dear life to a sheep. So dang cute.

Cole and is friends Eric and Adam at state wrestling meet. This is their mean faces!

Seems like wrestling went on FOREVER but Cole learned a lot and I know he is ready for a break. We are super proud of him and think he is pretty amazing.

These boys crack me up!

Chloe Update

I thought I would do a few updates on what's been happening at our house since I clearly have not been posting. Chloe has been doing a lot of soccer. Two games a week, with lots of practices. So we have been to a lot of games, which the kids think is a time to run wild through the bleachers. Most of the games were soooo dang cold but the last two were really nice. Chloe has done great this season but I think she is glad it is over . So she will have more time. With her BF. Not me.

Here we are about to go to the rodeo in Houston. I can't beleive she came with us. Oh, I remember why she did...

Her boy friend got to come. Christopher and Chloe are making up for 8 weeks of lost time due to Chloes grounding(several factors). So know we can see Chloe at soccer(opps, that's over), at our house with Chris or never. Good times.

Chloe is getting her permit tomorrow(fingers crossed) and already has a car thanks to her Papa Tucker getting a new one. 2005 Subaru. Lucky little thing! And she is going to prom in May. And I can feel my heart breaking just a little bit everyday as she grows up and away. Time goes by too quickly, I find I linger a little longer and listen a bit more to my younger three because I know it is just a blink and they will be gone.

But that's what kids do. So I will just try to remember to enjoy it!