Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cute girls

Yes, I am just bragging how cute the girls are. Chloe wanted a picture with "her" dogs. She has been running and taking care of Elton and Bella since June and loves them to pieces. I thought the picture was too cute. Can you imagine her running them or rather the dogs running her!
We went to the Children's Musuem today and their theme is Mexico right now and is really neat. Love this big chair with all the bright colors.
And now you know how I feel everytime I sit on any couch. When your feet don't touch the ground, this is what it feels like! The couch was about 5-6 ft tall!

Houston snow day, I mean snow hour

Who knew Houston was going to be so interesting? I mean snow? Really. I still can't believe it happened. I looked out and thought I had lost my mind! But it was real and Cole came in screaming he was going to build a snowman! Sadly, he only got a few snowballs but he was in heaven! The girls were asleep and I woke up Mallory who looked out the window and went back to sleep! Oh well, maybe in 10 more years they will see snow. Look how thick it is falling!

Thanksgiving in Austin

So clearly my priorities are all messed up because I am posting pics from Thanksgiving After my Christmas decorations post.....I am so bad. Turn me in to the Thanksgiving police. But I am trying to make up by mentioning we had an awesome time in Austin. We got to see all our families and actually hang out. One fun thing that reminds me why I heart Austin was a cool dinosaur exhibit down at the gardens at Zilker Park. The kids loved all the streams and water falls. Cole stopped long enough for this shot.
Cute butterfly bench I would love in my own yard. Hum, do you think Cole and Mia look alike?
Mallory with Aunt Nicole and Mia. Nicole is the fun aunt.
I do realize there are no pics of the dinosaurs and I have no idea why! But it was cool, you will have to trust me!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Decor

I have to admit this is my favorite Decorating Season! So many choices, so much fun. Here is a wreath from last year. All I do to snag one of these is call my mom and say,"please make me a wreath. I am thinking green this year." And then it appears on my front door. I know, not fair but I will take the perk of having a talented mother.
Here is a craft I did this year from felt. So fun, the lolipops, held in the sugar mold with Marshmellows. Hum...makes it more tempting to try a little lick!

My attempt to create a winter feel here in toasty Houston! I even let go of some of my cleanliness issues and put down fake snow that I end up sweeping many times a day.(Cole likes to take his toy tractors to the snow.) Notice all the snow that is missing!
My cute new winter plate my friend Melissa talked me into painting! Because I LOAVE painting but it is cute!
I know the Nester would say where is the other half of my garland but this thing is so heavy and I knew if I made anymore holes in the mantle, I will die after Christmas. And my favorite part is the pinecone wreath that is almost free here because we have pine cones here in Spring. Anyway, there is some of my favoriye spots in the house, minus the tree. I have tried to just stop adding and enjoy which is hard but seeing as I have barely begun shopping, I am distracked somewhat! Next post will be dedicated to CAKE BALLS!

Monday, December 1, 2008

11-1 record not enough for my Longhorns

Oh sad day! My longhorns did not make it to the BIG Twelve playoffs! Not right! We thought we were a for sure choice but the obvious did NOT come into play.(beating the new #2). A MOMENT of SILENCE please............. still sad but I will recover. And now you know why my e-mail address is Julie likes orange. All the cute longhorn names were taken, so I had to go more basic and just for the record, orange is in fact my favorite color. And I once owned a burnt orange jeep. And my high school colors were orange and white. You get the picture.

45-35 was the score when we beat Oklahoma, who took our #2 spot and a chance for the national title!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Saturday Morning Entertainment

On Saturday we decided to take a little bike ride at a new location(besides our neighborhood). We went to Mercer Park, unloaded many bikes and got everything ready. Hopped on the bikes and stared straight into a NO BIKES sign! What did we do you ask? Bike anyway! The trails were great and although we saw a few people on the trails, they were accompanied by dogs, which was also a big NO! So we had a great time, played at the park and enjoyed the gorgeous weather. But next trip will have to be somewhere else.

Good thing for the truck! When Mallory graduates to a bike, it will be a tight squeeze! We have to get out and enjoy all Houston has to offer when it is below 90!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Oil Ranch

I was excited to take Mallory on her first field trip in pre-school! We went to the Oil Ranch and I decided it would be fun to take Mia as well. Well, that ended up being the best choice because Mia LOVED the farm. She wanted to do everything. We started by milking cows.
Mallory said- I am not touching that pink thing!
Mia said- I want to do it!
And she did. That girl has no fear.
Then we rode horses, fed cows, rode a train, played in a park, fed goats and had a picnic. They both loved but I think Mia really enjoyed it the most. She keeps saying,"Remember when....

The train was a big hit. It reminded me of Zilker Park in Austin.

The class line up

Mallory lovin the horse. She wanted to ride more than once.

Mia on the tinest pony I have ever seen! So cute and she had a fit when it was time to get off!

Mallory was not liking the cow idea- they smell but Mia thought milking the cow was cool.

All in all, a great day and fun memories. I would say it is worth the drive and lots of fun for a family outting. And now I know Mia will be on Cole's farm for sure.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another Project Complete!

I am never more fullfilled than crossing off a project off my list! The dresser took some time b/c it invovled painting and some rebuilding. My carpenter AKA Dana found wood rot on the top of the dresser so he had to build a new top.(remember he stated in was a piece of crap?) So now it is in the room and I think it looks great. Also, my mom came for a few days and decided to change things up in the living room and add some new pillows! Thanks mom! I culd not be happier with the results.

New pillow

Change of furniture arrangement

I loved the lines and details of this dresser

The bottom is so nice

Her new home, in the corner but not hid away!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Pickin- White Trash Style

This is what you call a White Trash Pumpkin Patch, AKA Kroger Grocery store. Notice the price, a low 3.88! Hard to compete with spending 40 bucks at the unnamed pumpkin patch!

Our patch's store front

WOW- look at all the pumpkins to choose from(which does cut the p picking time in half!)
Cute pic in our front yard instead of the hayride picture, but they are still smiling!

So the tough economy has hit our house this year. The budget is tightning and I am trying my best to keep the spending down. So in an effort to save, this is what our pumpkin patch looked like this year! Pretty sad, Chloe almost didn't go at all but we did get pumpkins, carved them and they will show the same on the porch as ones from the ****** patch down the road that now charges parking per PERSON and A LOT for a pumpkin! So all in all, I am feeling O.K. And Just thankful for all we do have!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's Fall Y'all

Well, I was without my Internet for almost two weeks and I seriously thought I might not make it. But I did and I am still trying to catch up!
So, this is what has been going on- we started back to school for a second time after 8 days off thanks to Ike. Chloe is doing great in school and getting ready to tryout for soccer at school. Cole is finding 1st grade a lot more work but is hanging in there. He just started wrestling, on purpose, and is loving it. Mallory is enjoying pre-school and making new friends. And Mia, she is growing up a little everyday and is so darn cute!
I have been decorating for fall and talked some crafty friends into using our skills for good- more crafts! Each one of us "sponsoring" two crafts, getting all the supplies and teaching the craft. So far we have two awesome pieces and four more to go.
Me and some friends took a trip to Canton, a little town with a huge flea market and craft expo! LOVED IT! I got a great dresser for the girls room. Dana is not too impressed b/c he said it is a piece of crap. But I love it, so thanks honey!
So I am back to the blog world and couldn't be happier!

I did not love the advance painting on this craft but I love the polka dots!
Paper Mache pumpkin- so cute! I love him.
Melissa and all her goods from Canton.
My dresser find from Canton, good for me, bad for my hubby!
Entry table for all the fall decor, did I mention orange is my favorite color?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hurricane Ike/Mini Vacation

This is my version of Ike. I knew we were in for some fun when I waited 30 minutes to fill up with gas on Wednesday! Yikes! So by Thursday, ALL of my family from out of town had called and Urged me to leave Houston and bring the kids. Dana told me he would have to stay downtown at his property during the hurricane ,so we loaded up and headed for Austin! No Dad and no electricity was enough reasons for me to bail. So I have no scary stories, no pictures of the storm b/c I wasn't here, nor do I feel like I missed out! Instead, we had a great time! We got to hang out with family, play a lot, go to the movies(3d!), visit friends and basically have a mini vaction.

My Dad with his new look!
Nina and Mia
Aunt Nicole and Mal with make up by Mal.
Aunt Jessica and Roberto
Cousin Kim amd her family from Alvin who we don't ever see!
We spent some time at the parks- Cole posing
Mia being a monkey!
Our cousin Meghan, Mia and Mallory at San Gabrielle Park
On the best tire swing ever!
Riding horses at Nana and Pop Pop's

Chloe in her heaven
Cole at the Inner Space Caverns(so cool)
More riding
As you can tell, we were not missing the bad weather, although we did miss our dad! And we did leave for home twenty minutes after we got the call that the power was back on. We feel so blessed that we are all well and had no damage. We continue to pray for those in pain and help whenever we can! Our laundry room is open for anyone needing some clean clothes- many still have no power 8 days and counting!