Monday, December 1, 2008

11-1 record not enough for my Longhorns

Oh sad day! My longhorns did not make it to the BIG Twelve playoffs! Not right! We thought we were a for sure choice but the obvious did NOT come into play.(beating the new #2). A MOMENT of SILENCE please............. still sad but I will recover. And now you know why my e-mail address is Julie likes orange. All the cute longhorn names were taken, so I had to go more basic and just for the record, orange is in fact my favorite color. And I once owned a burnt orange jeep. And my high school colors were orange and white. You get the picture.

45-35 was the score when we beat Oklahoma, who took our #2 spot and a chance for the national title!


Holly Child said...

Was that jeep the one that you rolled in Idaho?! ;o)

Lewis Family said...

I ask this with great love... Is your grieving period over yet?

Julie said...

Yes, that is the jeep I rolled in Idaho and No I am not over my grieving period.....yet!