Sunday, August 31, 2008

New trying to look younger hair cut

Aside from the hair, don't you love my self portrait? I love the side view! So classy, so in!
Not the best pic but you get the idea- I cut my hair shorter. Yea!

Final Beach Post

Cole loved the waves! He upgraded to a body board later that day.
Chloe allowing me one picture on the beach!
Hanging out in the water
Mia's new pose- fake smile and squinting eyes
Mallory posing like a model!

Now you don't have to read about our beach trip anymore. We are thinking we should go twice a year b/c it is perfect for our family! WE LOVE THE BEACH!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Team Edward

Team Edward
Chloe & Nina

Here is Chloe in all her glory, representing the Edward groupies. She asked it she could wear it to church and I said that might be a little too much! But you have to love the girl for trying! So I was off in San Diego and Chloe went with Nina to the midnight party at the B&N to get the copy in their hot little hands. And you can see by their smiles, they were successful. Chloe read BD in 4-5 days ! I think she has already read it, Again!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Beach trip Continues

Can you believe how amazing? Not quite a Texas beach!
Another great view
Dana and the kids looking at and trying to catch fish...too much Discovery Channel(catching fish looks easy when Bear does it)
Mia and Daddy looking for crabs! When we let them go, Cole almost cried.

This is how most days went at the beach
6:30 AM- My kids get up much to the dismay of everyone else.
7:00 AM- Dana and sometimes me take the kids down the street to buy a paper to let everyone sleep
8:00 am- start talking about the beach
9:00 am- pack up, lotion up and head to the beach
12-1 pm- Head back to pool to help rinse off
1-2 pm- lunch, some naps, hang out
3:00 pm- talk about going back to the beach or pool
3-5 pm - swim
5-6 pm- make dinner, oh and I forgot we ate about every 30 minutes....seriously!
7-9 pm- play, go crabbing, maybe swim one more time at the pool
9:00 pm- little girls to bed, the rest of us watching the Olympics, play cards, and EAT!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Destin 2008

We had the BEST time at the beach lasy week! We went to Santa Rosa Beach just outside of Destin. The house was gorgous!
Here is our pack mule, hum I mean my dear, sweet husband carrying all of our stuff to the beach! (about a 5 minute walk)
Cutie pie Mallory at the beach. The water was not as pretty as last year, but each day it was prettier. The seaweed went away and the water was so clear.
Cole climbing a tree at the wharf in Destin.
Joseph and Mallory swimming in the pool.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Unfinished Projects

So I can't seem to get oraganized enough to complete some 'half' completed projects. Mainly because I don't know what to do or can't find what I am looking for. So maybe posting will help me organized my thoughts and get some much needed feedback.

Here is a pic of my curtains. I think I need to add some curtains underneath to add some length, but I am stuck on which color to buy.
O.K. Here is a FREE sofa table that a friend gave me. I was looking for ANYTHING for this long, crazy hallway. So I am thinking about painting it black and adding some lamps and whatever. Change out the hardware.
A picture of the crazy hallway! There is a weird archway there so you can't use the whole wall. Plus the hall turns a different direction
This is in the middle of the hallway, looking at the front door. What to do here.......
The shoe bench my honey made, complete with a rim to add a cushion(that I have not made) and notice the temp control right in the middle of the wall! So I guess I will add a black hook board, you know from Target, five or so hooks spaced apart attached to white or black wood board? That is my version of a mudroom, minus the room and cute stuff!
So if I can get this all done, then I might be able to finish my girls PINK room.(See how I got out of that ?....b/c I can't find white bedding under $75 a piece and the I got tired of being in that room!) Wish me luck!

Part three

Nick, Jena, baby Will, Cole, Chloe, Mia, Mallory and Joseph

When we returned home after a week, we had to begin the fun process of unpacking and you know what...laundry. Well, before San Diego, I thought the dryer might be on its way out and I was right. So one week before leaving for Florida, we had to go buy a new dryer! UGH! But by Sunday the laundry was done and we could focus on another fun project- school supplies! We will return from Destin about 12 hours before the first day of school! So I guess we better be ready! Oh, and 2 hours before we leave for Florida, I am throwing a baby shower! Anyone as crazy as me???

Yesterday we met some cousins on myDad's side in Alvin and had a good time catching up. These are actually normal relatives that you want to hang out with. We will have to do better to see them more often.

Part Two- Georgetown visit

"The boys" and Cole. They are 1 year older but I think they might be taller!
Me and Miss Grace- the nicest women on the face of the planet.
Cole and the boys two years ago.
Miss Grace and Mallory two years ago- Grace picked Mallory up soaking wet and ruined her linen outfit- that is so Miss Grace.

So after San Diego I gather my little family and we stay in G-town to visit friends and family. Our dear friends the Hoopers are moving to Mississippi and so we spent time with them. Cole and "the boys" have been frinds since Cole could walk! I spent many a day going to get him across the street and having to drag him back to our house , with Cole screaming the entire way! They will Always be the best of friends and I am so thankful to have known them.

Where Have We Been?

The lobby of Dana's property in San Diego- super posh!
A really bad angle pic of the San Diego temple- which is amazing in person.
A beach in La Joella- clean, cool and we even saw a photo shoot down the beach...soooo California!
The view from the top of Dana's property(11th floor)
Roof top pool- just so you know how the other half live!

So it seems like I dropped off the planet but we have just been a little busy and I am trying to check my breath for we are not done traveling yet.

So here goes my last three weeks.

After 3 months of planning, I dropped off four kids at three different locations, three different cities And got myself to the airport to meet Dana in San Diego for a long week-end.

We had a blast and enjoyed every moment. Perfect weather, great food and I even got to meet up with my old college roomie.
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