Thursday, August 28, 2008

Team Edward

Team Edward
Chloe & Nina

Here is Chloe in all her glory, representing the Edward groupies. She asked it she could wear it to church and I said that might be a little too much! But you have to love the girl for trying! So I was off in San Diego and Chloe went with Nina to the midnight party at the B&N to get the copy in their hot little hands. And you can see by their smiles, they were successful. Chloe read BD in 4-5 days ! I think she has already read it, Again!


HoustonMamaJenn said...

sooooooooo...I'm really digging your background.


Texas Tingey said...

LOL! Go Chloe. I guess I better work on my team Jacob shirt.

Hilarie said...

Go Chloe! Have you read Midnight Sun yet!? It might just be my favorite! She better finish the whole thing for us!!!

And I was right here with you for the midnight release of Breaking Dawn! I got mine at 12:43am! :)

Br Boys said...

I'm an Edward groupie too!!