Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Heart Lamps!

I recently added lamps to my side tables in the master bedroom. And I can't tell you how grown up I feel! And the fact that I can read at night without my fab lights shining down from the fan....so high class! And they match! I heart having a grown up room, sort of.

And this is my finished table with all the little touches that The Nester told me would look good. And she was right! I might add a tray but for now, I am pleased.


I have been noticing a trend the past few months regarding Cole's choices at his school library.
I asked him how he knew where to find these types of Non Fiction and he said, "I just found them. See Mom, you look at the spine of the book and it tells you a code. Then you find that code." Humph...I thought I was the only smarty! And when we went to the library over spring break, same thing! And yes, the first book is titled, The Brave Women of the Gulf War. Sigh. Did you know he has 18 guns too? Are you scared yet? I am. Clearly he has a small obsession.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Blue Bell Trip

We went to Austin the beginning of spring break and just hung out for a few days. The weather wasn't that great, so on the way home I promised we would stop by the Blue Bell factory. Well, I started having car trouble and was just hoping to make it to Brennham. We did and we loved the factory! I can't believe I have never been, seeing as how I am a native Texan. I felt kinda like a fraud! But it was super fun, only cost 5 dollars and we each got a huge scoop of our own choosing at the end! Yeah!

Mallory Loven her some ice cream!

Cole is in heaven.
Mia ate so fast she was shivering!

Thanks Chloe for being the camera girl.

We were going to ask to borrow this car since ours was breaking down!

After this fun trip it was back in the car. Unfortunately it took us 7 hours total to get hone b/c of car trouble. But one tow truck and a great friend(thanks Melissa) we made it home and I already have my ca back.(Fuel pump, ouch!) So it is the last day of spring break, it is cold and raining and I better come up with something good!

Cole State Wrestling

Here are some pictures from Cole and his friend Adam at their wrestling tournament. They both did a great job and had a lot of fun just hanging out and being boys! Here is Adam about to make his move!

Can't you see the fear in Cole's opponents eye? JK! I love how serious it all is...even to a 46 pd 6 year old!

Showing off their impressive muscles! They crack me up! And if you have never seen a wrestler uniform- the singlet! Well, let me just tell say- you are missing out!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pink Room Part Two

Do you remember THIS room from last summer? Well, I have been slow to finish but have recently pulled the last touches into the room. And finding black and white curtains was a challenge(thanks Kelly for finding them and my Mom for buying them in Austin)! I am feeling so good about crossing this project off the list!

Curtains sure make a difference! I am not going to mention the 10 extra holes up there on the wall where I thought about having a breakdown b/c I can't hang curtains! And I had already told Dana I did not want his help b/c he gets grumpy when there are holes in the wall, ever. But he did point out he would have preferred to help and there would have been 10 less holes! Ouch- lesson learned.

Are you loving the chandelier? Only took an HOUR to put on the wall! Mirror on the left is from IKEA and the letters? 1.99 from the Hobby Lobby.

What do you think?

Mia on Her Own

Mia and Mallory are always together, except on Monday, Wednesday and Friday when Mallory has pre-school. These days can be tricky because neither one is really interested in leaving the other alone. Sometimes I try to fill the time with activities so Mia doesn't miss her sister too much. But this morning I was mopping and cleaning. And this is what I found her doing...

Reading books in her room
Playing with her Dance With Me video, on the table no less(hum...table dancer) and apparently Not missing Mallory

Don't you just love a child that can entertain herself??? Ahhh, number 4 has some perks!