Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I have been noticing a trend the past few months regarding Cole's choices at his school library.
I asked him how he knew where to find these types of Non Fiction and he said, "I just found them. See Mom, you look at the spine of the book and it tells you a code. Then you find that code." Humph...I thought I was the only smarty! And when we went to the library over spring break, same thing! And yes, the first book is titled, The Brave Women of the Gulf War. Sigh. Did you know he has 18 guns too? Are you scared yet? I am. Clearly he has a small obsession.


domesticgoddesstef said...

I can totally relate!!! Ben brought home the History of Helicopters....I love Cole's choice..."Brave Women of the Gulf War". Bless his heart! That is funny. I miss you Julie. Stay in touch.