Sunday, March 30, 2008

Recreated Easter Pics

Due to camera complications that involved the operator of the camera last Sunday, we have 'recreated' our Easter pictures. But I really don't think anyone of the kids became less cute since last Sunday-WHEW! Anyway, mainly I needed everyone to see that the little girls had matching dresses and that you can get four kids ready to leave the house looking reasonably good and make it to church only 5 minutes late. Impressed?? I am!

So one day during the kids spring break I went to the grocery store and Chloe watched the kids.(I know, don't be jealous I have a live in baby-sitter). Anyway, Chloe decided to direct and produce a dance show. Which of course involved hair, make-up, dress up, the whole works. So they rehearse and put on a little show when I returned. I was cracking up because I couldn't get Mallory to go the dance class last fall to save her life but with a little help from Chloe, she becomes a twirling, toes pointed, prima ballerina! Just goes to show that the ones who love us are our best teachers.

A girl and her shoes

So what mom of two little girls can avoid the dreaded pink sparkle shoes on the Target shoe isle? Certainly not me. Although Chloe was very upset not because the girls got the shoes but because when she was younger, she begged for sparkle shoes which I refused to buy. I attribute my actions to being young and not worn down by numerous children and also Chloe was without a sister to help me feel shame for denying a girl a pair of shoes. So, back to the shoes, they both wore the shoes for two weeks straight, I am not exaggerating! But the enjoyment Mallory and Mia have felt has made me realize that not even a mother can come between her daughters and a great pair of shoes!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun Family Events Minus Pics

O.K. So first and most importantly, there are no pics to accompany my witty tellings of the last week-end. Aparently you have to have a memory card in your camera to download them to your computer. So, sorry Mom! Besides not having photographic evidence, we had an awesome long week-end. We went mountain biking in Huntsville with the Bowcutt's and had a great time. Dana pulled the girls who were less than impressed by the "bumpeys" but did do a nice job taking turns crying. We also had a nice vistit from my parents and brother Joseph and sister Jessica for another sister's birthday- Nicole. We went to Incredible Pizza and had fun with the miniture bowling and bumper cars. On to Saturday, filled with making a rock pathway in the backyard and painting the entry, my all-time favorite project....hum. We also made trips to the "lake" AKA drainage pond in the neighborhood so Dana, I mean Cole could play with his new remote control boat. Great week-end ending with Easter and a wonderful program at church. Love my family, love my life and all the amazing people in it!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I am ready to blog

O.K. I am joining my friends and I am ready to blog away! I am excited to share our oh so interesting life with friends and family. So, visit our blog to stay updated and I will do my best to keep up our humble blog.