Sunday, March 30, 2008

A girl and her shoes

So what mom of two little girls can avoid the dreaded pink sparkle shoes on the Target shoe isle? Certainly not me. Although Chloe was very upset not because the girls got the shoes but because when she was younger, she begged for sparkle shoes which I refused to buy. I attribute my actions to being young and not worn down by numerous children and also Chloe was without a sister to help me feel shame for denying a girl a pair of shoes. So, back to the shoes, they both wore the shoes for two weeks straight, I am not exaggerating! But the enjoyment Mallory and Mia have felt has made me realize that not even a mother can come between her daughters and a great pair of shoes!


Nana Andrews said...

What Julie has failed to note is that the sparkle shoe issue is genetic. I assume full responsibility for the sparkle shoes and any other shoe purchase based soley on girly fashion. Without a cute pair of pink sparkle shoes, well it would hardly be worth getting up in the morning.
Nana Andrews

Jamie said...

I am laughing so hard right now b/c I am also the mom who refuses buying the "sparkle shoes" for my girls. :) For some reason they always look cute on other people's kids though...just not mine. :) Hey at least they are pink!! Mine want those bright red sparkle shoes... you know the ones that look just like Dorothy on the Wizzard of Oz. :) Maybe one day I'll surrender. :) Honestly, they are cute in pink!

HoustonMamaJenn said...

And you know I'm all about the sparkle just makes them feel so special!! Now if they could just keep the sparkles on the shoes....we need to invent something for that one!