Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Decor 2010

This year I decided to add a little cheer to my room. Mainly because of this lil pillow! I loved making it and I love looking at it even more.

The front table is holding my small collection of snowmen. I like to clump decorations rather than spread them out over the house, it has a bigger impact I think.

I finally get to put out my Christmas china this year. I even bought my first cloth napkins! The plates have pine cones on them so the jar seemed to beg for pine cones.

Candy and treats, although they have been eaten quite a bit. Need to refill ASAP!

Love this candy cake stand. Its all about peppermint this year in the kitchen and on the tree.

This snowman didn't really go with the others so he got his own spot on the coffee table.

Like I said, it's all about the peppermint this year!

Dana's grandmother Karen makes this most amazing ornaments for the kids. Yes, she sewed this Santa herself! I am not going to want to let my kids take these when they grow up~

Not the best picture of the tree. But you get the idea.

The mantle was tricky. I didn't do the traditional garland this year. My tree is right next to the mantle so I went with something more simple. All in all, I just love Christmas decor. I am still making a few more things for this year because I just can't stop myself. And when it all must come down, I do get a little sad. So I enjoy every minute.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Favorite time of year hands down!!!
And I live in Texas where fall is maybe a week long. But decorating fall is awesome!
Here is a look at my candy bar. I have been planning one for Christmas all year but decided to practice now. Love the labels. 1.99 at Michael's. Martha is so clever.

All her glory. Decorations are always a her. How about those little ghosts?

This sign I picked up in Canton last week. It was the glitter that got me.

Fav halloween craft. Painted book and glitter paper run thru the Cricut.

Love all the black this year. Makes me feel all creepy.

New Firsts

So the past month and a half has been packed full of new firsts. I knew the new little moments were coming and let's be honest, I was a little giddy. So here are just a few of our new Firsts.

Mia is on her First team. The Tigers. We were feeling really good about it because the color was right...can't go wrong with orange people.
Second she was soooooo dang excited to play. Then came the first practice and I knew this first was not going to be a fond memory someday. Nope. Turns out she doesn't like to run because it hurts her legs. Really.

And there is the other problem of not really focusing on the task at hand. She looks like this a lot. Unless she is actually laying on the field...while her teammates are running around. Yea, that was a proud moment. Especially since she does have the coolest girl who plays soccer name.(Mia Hamm.) Sigh.

But another good first was Mia's first day of pre-school. She was more excited than the picture proves. And she likes going. Although she did mention she thinks the crafts are dumb. Really?
Another big first was having 2 kids head out to the bus stop. Cole is in third grade and Mallory is in first. Both like some part of school. We will leave it at that.

So to wrap up our firsts
First time to have only one child at home since 2002.
First time I have 2 kids at one school.
First time to have 3 morning a week all to myself.
First time to volunteer at school on a weekly basis.
First time all 4 of my kids are involved in activities.( Cole wrestling, Chloe soccer, Mallory dance and Mia soccer-sort of)

First time to be able to clean my whole house at one time since 2002.
First time to have conversations with other parents for more than 10 seconds at a time.
First time I sat down to read in an empty house and cried. Just a little. Because the firsts can be scary. And feel a little weird. And then you know there are lots more firsts that will make you cry.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cutie Pie Girls

Chloe tried out her new curling iron on Mia. Turned out super darling. They did a little model shoot.

I made the little girls matching dresses in the spring. They were good sports about it. I think they were pretty tight on their arms. But they did look cute.

I always think about how Mallory and Mia don't look anything alike. But they are sweet sisters and best friends. I love watching them play and laugh and tell each other everything. So cute. Mia is going to be lost without her saide kick when school starts.

New Braunfels 2010

The kids love to go to this shallow area on the river and build a dam. Cole is in charge of this project every year. They work on it each day, several times a day. A man came by and said that his sons did the very project when they were little all the time. He thought it was really cute.

One favorite part of going to the river for the kids is the tire swing and see saw. Who knew these classic and Very Dangerous playground toys would still be so popular. They would play there anytime we were not in the river.

Cole looking very guilty and yet super cute. Unfortunately this face has ceased to make me melt anymore. Tried too many times.

Proof that Dana can relax and not be on the phone with work.
Isn't he adorable?

Mallory and her cousin Meghan. They are so cute together. So much alike and yet they get along great.

Chloe took all the kids plus a cousin on the canoe several times. They all thought it was so cool to hang with Chloe. And she is an expert on the canoe. Really.

We look forward to hanging out with family, relaxing, eating and enjoying ourselves every Memorial Day and Can't wait til next year!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Target Nerf Gun Party

For Cole's 8th birthday we had to have a party with nerf guns. After all, it is his favorite thing to do. I have to have a theme some how for every party, so I decided to use a target. Here are the boys getting ready for their first mission. Dana gave them a Harry Potter DVD and told them it was a secret mission. Some boys were the defenders and some boys were trying to get the DVD.

For the cakes, I made fondant, which was really easy and turned out super cute.

Here is a bad picture of his invites. It was easy with help from the Cricut.

Target cupcakes

All in all it was an easy and fun party to do. Only two more kid birthdays this summer. Any ideas for a sweet 16 party?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Prom Night 2010

Here are some pics from Chloe's prom. She got her toes done, nails put on, hair did and pretty much everything that you can think of having done. And she looked Amazing! I was so excited for her and a little sad for me.

Chloe and Dana. He acts like he is not interested but he was all about going to take their picture with me and dropping the kids off so it was just us. He said we are for sure old now and I agree. But this is what you want at the end of the day. Your kids to grow up, be happy and know that you did the best you could so they can have whatever they want out of life.
Chris and Chloe looking very mature.....

Chloe and her Mama

They were soooo hot the fire department showed up!!

Chloe looking beautiful

Chloe doing her Vogue shoot. Love love love this pic.

Waiting for their parents to come pick them up.

Posing like they are models. Really they were adorable and had a great night. Dinner at Kirby's, dancing at the prom and a million new memories. Chris went to church with Chloe today. He seemed scared but i am pretty for sure he would do anything she asked. A few more months and he is off to Syracuse to play soccer(Div I) and Chloe will have lots of time to get amazing grades! It's a win win!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mia's party at Nana's

New porch swing at Nana's.

Birthday cupcakes and cake for Mia. Super yummy

Great tree at Nana's property. I love this picture.

The girls following in Nana's footsteps to avoid cactus. I LOVE this picture. Mia following in Mallory's path. It seems so simple here. Just follow the leader and you can avoid pain. Think I will frame this one.

Are you loving Mia's pearls? She wore these for days. No matter the outfit, the pearls stayed on! You can't help but love a girl with accessories.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mallory's Kinder Program

Mallory's school had a darling program with costumes, singing and even a small play by the 2nd and 3rd grades. Her school has been a lot of fun and I know she has enjoyed it. I asked her if she was excited school was almost over and she said No. She didn't want to talk about it because she didn't want to cry. How sweet Mallory is to love her teacher so much. She has already invited her to lunch next year at Kuenhle.