Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Braunfels 2010

The kids love to go to this shallow area on the river and build a dam. Cole is in charge of this project every year. They work on it each day, several times a day. A man came by and said that his sons did the very project when they were little all the time. He thought it was really cute.

One favorite part of going to the river for the kids is the tire swing and see saw. Who knew these classic and Very Dangerous playground toys would still be so popular. They would play there anytime we were not in the river.

Cole looking very guilty and yet super cute. Unfortunately this face has ceased to make me melt anymore. Tried too many times.

Proof that Dana can relax and not be on the phone with work.
Isn't he adorable?

Mallory and her cousin Meghan. They are so cute together. So much alike and yet they get along great.

Chloe took all the kids plus a cousin on the canoe several times. They all thought it was so cool to hang with Chloe. And she is an expert on the canoe. Really.

We look forward to hanging out with family, relaxing, eating and enjoying ourselves every Memorial Day and Can't wait til next year!