Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Scream, You Scream

You know the rest of the chant! Well, We Are That Family is having a hot topic all about entertaining the children over the next few months. One of our favorites we did three summers ago.
We had just moved to Houston from Austin(oh, don't cry) and I had my 4th baby in May. So, I came up with a weekly field trip idea to have something to look forward to and learn about we the heck we were living.

We decided to visit as many different ice cream shops and grade them according to our list. We would go the same day of the week and review what we were looking for on the way. After we finished, we would go home and chart our answers on our WE LOVE ICE CREAM CHART.

We had creamiest, best flavor choices, best waffle cone, best mix ins. It was kinda sad b/c we didn't want to leave anyone out so we kept making up categories.

At the end of the summer, we voted for a winner but the best part is my kids still talk about it. And they learned how the chart, compare and engaged their brains to think for themselves.(can you tell I taught school?)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beluga Black is my Friend

Can you hear angels singing? Can you see fireworks going off? That is HOW AWESOME I feel about this project being done!
Not because it was so hard but because I have been talking about getting my 100 year old table out of the kitchen and retiring her to the dining room- AKA the playroom. Well, that has been two long years, especially to friends who have had to hear about it OVER and OVER again. Sorry friends. So Remember this good karma? Well, hear is the finished table in all her glory!

I can't believe how great the table turned out! A special thanks to Kimba for her years of spray painting and advice. I actually told my husband to wait in the driveway before heading out to Home Depot to run to the computer to see what Kimba said exactly before picking out the finish coat.

But the table turned out perfect. Now I need two more chairs, I am thinking NOT matching to complete the look.
Also, when I went to Home Depot to buy the paint , Behr has a new paint that includes the primer. I asked the poor guy like 10 times," Are you Sure??????" But it worked great. And the color is Beluga Black.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Apron Madness

I had to wait until After Mother's Day to put up these little pretties. Didn't want any moms peeking.(yes, I have two) So these are their presents.

So the black, white and red one is a square apron which I really liked making. I am going to make this apron for the little girls in black and white but with pink.

And this apron is so retro, so darling. It has ruffles and is to the knee. These aprons are popular right now. So June Cleaver. So now I need to make one for myself!

So now I can sew curtains and aprons....hum, what should be next?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mantra

I Need To Miss You

Thinking about this day and all the thoughts of mothers and beautiful women in life, I keep thinking of my children. I can't help but think of how it all began. I always knew I wanted to be mother but did not plan on getting pregnant at 21, unmarried and scared to death. But what I got was an amazing husband to choose to grow up with me and a nearly perfect daughter whose name I picked out when I was 14. For anyone who knows Chloe I am being honest. She is perfect, almost AND She made me a mother. Because she was so amazing, I felt amazing for getting her on loan, so to speak.
But then the heartache began because my body could not get pregnant, for 6 and half years. Long, painfull years that I just now really understanding. But then I did get pregnant, with a beautiful son that I had a TON of patiance for because I had WAITED so long. Which worked out great, this little boy required a lot and I had a lot to give. And then I had a little girl. She looked like me and now I was on a roll. And then I had another girl. Second red head, I was really ready! But it hard having kids, 3 in 4 years, so I came up with my mantra. I NEED TO MISS YOU. This is said at naptime. At bedtime, at playtime. So I don't say I need to be away from you. Because 6 and half years was enough time to be away. No, I just need to miss them a little, To remember why I love them and like them.

Cole And Mama
Daddy, Cole, Mallory and Mia

And do you what? It works every time. Sometimes within minutes, sometimes it takes longer. But I always miss them, and remember that someday all too soon, I will miss them and they won't be right there. So now I am thinking as they get older, I don't need nap time to miss them, Just bedtime will do.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mia's Early Birthday Gift by Mallory

Mia got an early present from Mallory Saturday while I was getting my own hair cut. Nice huh? I was just looking at her and realized when her hair is down, she totally looks like she has a mullet. Seriously. I could cry. But she doesn't know how bad it is so I will keep these thoughts and judgements to myself....except for sharing them with all of you!

Here she is decorating cupcakes for her party. So excited to see all the party pics with the new do......not!

Here are the mug shots of the victim. So sad. But at least Mallory didn't decide to do all of her hair. So much for growing her bangs out. I think that might be why she decided to cut them. Mia's bangs had been in her eyes for weeks....

A little uneven perhaps.

Hold on.
I am wiping away a tear or two.
Maybe we will stay inside for a while.
The mullet look is just not working.
Scissor ban is in effect for Mallory.