Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cute girls

Yes, I am just bragging how cute the girls are. Chloe wanted a picture with "her" dogs. She has been running and taking care of Elton and Bella since June and loves them to pieces. I thought the picture was too cute. Can you imagine her running them or rather the dogs running her!
We went to the Children's Musuem today and their theme is Mexico right now and is really neat. Love this big chair with all the bright colors.
And now you know how I feel everytime I sit on any couch. When your feet don't touch the ground, this is what it feels like! The couch was about 5-6 ft tall!

Houston snow day, I mean snow hour

Who knew Houston was going to be so interesting? I mean snow? Really. I still can't believe it happened. I looked out and thought I had lost my mind! But it was real and Cole came in screaming he was going to build a snowman! Sadly, he only got a few snowballs but he was in heaven! The girls were asleep and I woke up Mallory who looked out the window and went back to sleep! Oh well, maybe in 10 more years they will see snow. Look how thick it is falling!

Thanksgiving in Austin

So clearly my priorities are all messed up because I am posting pics from Thanksgiving After my Christmas decorations post.....I am so bad. Turn me in to the Thanksgiving police. But I am trying to make up by mentioning we had an awesome time in Austin. We got to see all our families and actually hang out. One fun thing that reminds me why I heart Austin was a cool dinosaur exhibit down at the gardens at Zilker Park. The kids loved all the streams and water falls. Cole stopped long enough for this shot.
Cute butterfly bench I would love in my own yard. Hum, do you think Cole and Mia look alike?
Mallory with Aunt Nicole and Mia. Nicole is the fun aunt.
I do realize there are no pics of the dinosaurs and I have no idea why! But it was cool, you will have to trust me!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Decor

I have to admit this is my favorite Decorating Season! So many choices, so much fun. Here is a wreath from last year. All I do to snag one of these is call my mom and say,"please make me a wreath. I am thinking green this year." And then it appears on my front door. I know, not fair but I will take the perk of having a talented mother.
Here is a craft I did this year from felt. So fun, the lolipops, held in the sugar mold with Marshmellows. Hum...makes it more tempting to try a little lick!

My attempt to create a winter feel here in toasty Houston! I even let go of some of my cleanliness issues and put down fake snow that I end up sweeping many times a day.(Cole likes to take his toy tractors to the snow.) Notice all the snow that is missing!
My cute new winter plate my friend Melissa talked me into painting! Because I LOAVE painting but it is cute!
I know the Nester would say where is the other half of my garland but this thing is so heavy and I knew if I made anymore holes in the mantle, I will die after Christmas. And my favorite part is the pinecone wreath that is almost free here because we have pine cones here in Spring. Anyway, there is some of my favoriye spots in the house, minus the tree. I have tried to just stop adding and enjoy which is hard but seeing as I have barely begun shopping, I am distracked somewhat! Next post will be dedicated to CAKE BALLS!

Monday, December 1, 2008

11-1 record not enough for my Longhorns

Oh sad day! My longhorns did not make it to the BIG Twelve playoffs! Not right! We thought we were a for sure choice but the obvious did NOT come into play.(beating the new #2). A MOMENT of SILENCE please............. still sad but I will recover. And now you know why my e-mail address is Julie likes orange. All the cute longhorn names were taken, so I had to go more basic and just for the record, orange is in fact my favorite color. And I once owned a burnt orange jeep. And my high school colors were orange and white. You get the picture.

45-35 was the score when we beat Oklahoma, who took our #2 spot and a chance for the national title!