Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thanksgiving in Austin

So clearly my priorities are all messed up because I am posting pics from Thanksgiving After my Christmas decorations post.....I am so bad. Turn me in to the Thanksgiving police. But I am trying to make up by mentioning we had an awesome time in Austin. We got to see all our families and actually hang out. One fun thing that reminds me why I heart Austin was a cool dinosaur exhibit down at the gardens at Zilker Park. The kids loved all the streams and water falls. Cole stopped long enough for this shot.
Cute butterfly bench I would love in my own yard. Hum, do you think Cole and Mia look alike?
Mallory with Aunt Nicole and Mia. Nicole is the fun aunt.
I do realize there are no pics of the dinosaurs and I have no idea why! But it was cool, you will have to trust me!


Jamie said...

I cannot believe how old Mia looks!! Clearly it has been way too long since I've see y'all! Miss you!