Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Decor

I have to admit this is my favorite Decorating Season! So many choices, so much fun. Here is a wreath from last year. All I do to snag one of these is call my mom and say,"please make me a wreath. I am thinking green this year." And then it appears on my front door. I know, not fair but I will take the perk of having a talented mother.
Here is a craft I did this year from felt. So fun, the lolipops, held in the sugar mold with Marshmellows. Hum...makes it more tempting to try a little lick!

My attempt to create a winter feel here in toasty Houston! I even let go of some of my cleanliness issues and put down fake snow that I end up sweeping many times a day.(Cole likes to take his toy tractors to the snow.) Notice all the snow that is missing!
My cute new winter plate my friend Melissa talked me into painting! Because I LOAVE painting but it is cute!
I know the Nester would say where is the other half of my garland but this thing is so heavy and I knew if I made anymore holes in the mantle, I will die after Christmas. And my favorite part is the pinecone wreath that is almost free here because we have pine cones here in Spring. Anyway, there is some of my favoriye spots in the house, minus the tree. I have tried to just stop adding and enjoy which is hard but seeing as I have barely begun shopping, I am distracked somewhat! Next post will be dedicated to CAKE BALLS!


Jamie said...

Love it! I am so in love with the felt lolipops... SO CUTE!! Were they easy to make? I only like easy crafts. :) And you are getting quite talented at painting... guess your craftiness came from your mom.

Kelly said...

I've got to come over and see it all in person...and drool over your finished lollipops...cough cough

HoustonMamaJenn said...

I LOVE that wreath your mom made it is GORGEOUS. And EVERYTHING you made is DARLING!

Texas Tingey said...

It all looks great Julie! The mantel looks so good. And I love the lolipops. They are darling. Good Job! Hooray for christmas!!!