Thursday, October 7, 2010


Favorite time of year hands down!!!
And I live in Texas where fall is maybe a week long. But decorating fall is awesome!
Here is a look at my candy bar. I have been planning one for Christmas all year but decided to practice now. Love the labels. 1.99 at Michael's. Martha is so clever.

All her glory. Decorations are always a her. How about those little ghosts?

This sign I picked up in Canton last week. It was the glitter that got me.

Fav halloween craft. Painted book and glitter paper run thru the Cricut.

Love all the black this year. Makes me feel all creepy.

New Firsts

So the past month and a half has been packed full of new firsts. I knew the new little moments were coming and let's be honest, I was a little giddy. So here are just a few of our new Firsts.

Mia is on her First team. The Tigers. We were feeling really good about it because the color was right...can't go wrong with orange people.
Second she was soooooo dang excited to play. Then came the first practice and I knew this first was not going to be a fond memory someday. Nope. Turns out she doesn't like to run because it hurts her legs. Really.

And there is the other problem of not really focusing on the task at hand. She looks like this a lot. Unless she is actually laying on the field...while her teammates are running around. Yea, that was a proud moment. Especially since she does have the coolest girl who plays soccer name.(Mia Hamm.) Sigh.

But another good first was Mia's first day of pre-school. She was more excited than the picture proves. And she likes going. Although she did mention she thinks the crafts are dumb. Really?
Another big first was having 2 kids head out to the bus stop. Cole is in third grade and Mallory is in first. Both like some part of school. We will leave it at that.

So to wrap up our firsts
First time to have only one child at home since 2002.
First time I have 2 kids at one school.
First time to have 3 morning a week all to myself.
First time to volunteer at school on a weekly basis.
First time all 4 of my kids are involved in activities.( Cole wrestling, Chloe soccer, Mallory dance and Mia soccer-sort of)

First time to be able to clean my whole house at one time since 2002.
First time to have conversations with other parents for more than 10 seconds at a time.
First time I sat down to read in an empty house and cried. Just a little. Because the firsts can be scary. And feel a little weird. And then you know there are lots more firsts that will make you cry.