Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mia's Early Birthday Gift by Mallory

Mia got an early present from Mallory Saturday while I was getting my own hair cut. Nice huh? I was just looking at her and realized when her hair is down, she totally looks like she has a mullet. Seriously. I could cry. But she doesn't know how bad it is so I will keep these thoughts and judgements to myself....except for sharing them with all of you!

Here she is decorating cupcakes for her party. So excited to see all the party pics with the new do......not!

Here are the mug shots of the victim. So sad. But at least Mallory didn't decide to do all of her hair. So much for growing her bangs out. I think that might be why she decided to cut them. Mia's bangs had been in her eyes for weeks....

A little uneven perhaps.

Hold on.
I am wiping away a tear or two.
Maybe we will stay inside for a while.
The mullet look is just not working.
Scissor ban is in effect for Mallory.


Jamie said...

Oh no, Julie I am so sorry! I am waiting for the day where my girls get their hands on a pair of scissors... seems like that happens to every child at least one time in their life. Good think Mia is so darn cute... even with the bangs!

Kelly said...

she's still cute!

Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

Oh my goodness Julie! I let a friend do that when a was young. man, my mom was HOT! Good thing Mia's still a cutie! Molly has taken a pair of scissors to her hair, but, luckly, it wasn't very noticeable. JUst some loose hairs. Oh yea, and she cute part of her ponytail...mmm. Kids!

Jenn said...

Oh Julie this is so funny!! You will laugh about this someday! Maybe she is just meant to have bangs right?? She still looks adorable!

Alyssa cut some of her hair once when I was out of town a few years ago for 4 days (I think it was revenge for me being gone). I was mortified so I feel your pain!

Robert Brault said...

Can't tell you how pleased I am to see my quote at the top of your charming site. Makes my day!


Cathy Hengst Photography said...

Oh my gosh Julie I am not sure how I would have handled that. Little Mia is still just as cute as ever and I am sure she likes to tell the story ;-)

eden and david said...

what a little model!