Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good Week VS Bad Week

Reflecting on the past couple of weeks, I am trying to gain some perspective about what makes a good week and what makes a bad week for me. Even though the stress level has gone up this week, things have been somewhat smoother(don't read too much into somewhat, please). So here are some clues to what makes my week better.

Attitude is clearly a big part for me. Not just going through the day but embracing the day. Not just enduring but really enjoying what I have. Meaning four children who I get to help grow. And remember how when I worked full time I would actually count the exact time I was MISSING with my children. And knowing their love for me is unlike no other.(even when I am not enjoying them).

Really savoring the little moments that are often easy to miss. Just like my quote says in the title of this blog.(you have to go look now) When I look back on my day, I always remember these moments first. And then I squeeze my eyes shut and imprint them in my memory for a raining day.

Planning the week in my mind, on the calendar, on daily lists, just plain ole planning. So when I get home from swim team after 3 hours, I am not cooking dinner at 7:30. Just as an example.

Making sure I do things for myself, like going to the gym. Turning on all the lamps at night so I feel calm. Reading something that inspires me or reread a Twilight book for the tenth time. Just saying.

Remembering to pray and actually ask for help. From someone who wants me to have a good day, everyday.

And friends who really care about me and my little life and all that it entails.

I think that is my little guide. So even when your husband has been out of town for 5 weeks straight, your 6 year old is having an emotional crisis, and you actually miss your 14 year old when she is at school, you can do it! I can do it! I think I can. I think I can.


Jenn said...

Well when you have a 14 year old like Chloe-how can you not miss her. She's such a sweetie! I hope Cole is doing okay. I like that you appreciate these things..... you are an amazing mom and person!

Lewis Family said...

Missed you at playgroup, but I'm excited to see you tomorrow. Hang in there, you are doing great!

Texas Tingey said...

Hey! THank you.....for helping ME also keep things in perspective. You are amazing Julie!