Thursday, April 2, 2009

Beautiful Surprise

Me and these two little cuties were coming back from the gym when this van pulled in behind me. I was a little worried and tried to get into the house fast. Right when I was shutting the garage, he came walking up with these

So I stopped(then thought it is a perfect plan for a stranger to "bring" flowers, like candy for kids!). I said,"Are they for the neighbor?" No, Mrs. Tucker. WOW! For me? Really?

Then Mallory said with a stunned look,"I guess he just wanted you to have flowers!" I had to explain someone who knew me sent them. I didn't think it was Dana , not b/c he doesn't send flowers, he does. But b/c I played a mean April Fools joke on him yesterday and knew he was not too happy with me! Sorry again babe! So now I have these beautiful tulips to look at thanks MOM! Thanks mom, they made my day. Love you!


Jamie said...

Aren't moms just the best?! What would we do w/o them?! :) What a fun surprise... they are beautiful!! I LOVE tulips too.

Holly Child said...

How sweet of your mom to send you such beautiful flowers!! :o)