Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brotherly Love

I start by admitting I lifted this photo from my sister in law's blog(sorry Cindy). I am just that lame, I didn't take one picture when my awesome brother John came in town for work. He got to see us for a few days. It was so fun having him around. He is a great guy, smart and really just fun to be with. I know he will always live in Utah(grrrr) but I vow to at least visit more! Anyway, this is his cute family, wife Cindy(She is amazing as well) and their cutie JJ. And she is having #2 in October.

So thanks for taking time to see us and being a great uncle. And for mowing the yard. And for making the neighbors talk.(Wondering where I got this hot lawn guy/boy toy since my hubby was gone! Let'm talk) You are the best!


Br Boys said...

Give'm something to talk about...giggle. We were always good at that!

N Merris said...

My fav! That'a a great picture!