Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Heart Lamps!

I recently added lamps to my side tables in the master bedroom. And I can't tell you how grown up I feel! And the fact that I can read at night without my fab lights shining down from the fan....so high class! And they match! I heart having a grown up room, sort of.

And this is my finished table with all the little touches that The Nester told me would look good. And she was right! I might add a tray but for now, I am pleased.


Kelly said...

all looks sooooo good! You still have to see my lamps, but not yet, my house is a bomb...not a gun. it really is nice just to click them on and off for night time reads

Jenn said...

You're so funny! Your lamps ROCK! Also great to set "the mood," hah hah!!!

The Nester said...

Great work hon!

DARLING photo too!