Friday, March 13, 2009

Blue Bell Trip

We went to Austin the beginning of spring break and just hung out for a few days. The weather wasn't that great, so on the way home I promised we would stop by the Blue Bell factory. Well, I started having car trouble and was just hoping to make it to Brennham. We did and we loved the factory! I can't believe I have never been, seeing as how I am a native Texan. I felt kinda like a fraud! But it was super fun, only cost 5 dollars and we each got a huge scoop of our own choosing at the end! Yeah!

Mallory Loven her some ice cream!

Cole is in heaven.
Mia ate so fast she was shivering!

Thanks Chloe for being the camera girl.

We were going to ask to borrow this car since ours was breaking down!

After this fun trip it was back in the car. Unfortunately it took us 7 hours total to get hone b/c of car trouble. But one tow truck and a great friend(thanks Melissa) we made it home and I already have my ca back.(Fuel pump, ouch!) So it is the last day of spring break, it is cold and raining and I better come up with something good!


Jenn said...

I love that place! It's kind of like our very own "Food Network," Show where we can go see how they make ice cream. I like the outside area too-really cool!

Texas Tingey said...

I am glad you finally made it to the factory. I feel like I have been there enough that I could give the tour. LOL
Glad your car is fixed!
Bet your happy it is the weekend!!