Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beluga Black is my Friend

Can you hear angels singing? Can you see fireworks going off? That is HOW AWESOME I feel about this project being done!
Not because it was so hard but because I have been talking about getting my 100 year old table out of the kitchen and retiring her to the dining room- AKA the playroom. Well, that has been two long years, especially to friends who have had to hear about it OVER and OVER again. Sorry friends. So Remember this good karma? Well, hear is the finished table in all her glory!

I can't believe how great the table turned out! A special thanks to Kimba for her years of spray painting and advice. I actually told my husband to wait in the driveway before heading out to Home Depot to run to the computer to see what Kimba said exactly before picking out the finish coat.

But the table turned out perfect. Now I need two more chairs, I am thinking NOT matching to complete the look.
Also, when I went to Home Depot to buy the paint , Behr has a new paint that includes the primer. I asked the poor guy like 10 times," Are you Sure??????" But it worked great. And the color is Beluga Black.


Kelly said...

looks soooo good...now on to those bar stools, can't you and Melissa just trade?

The Mangrum Family said...

The table looks awesome Julie - nice job!

eden and david said...

looks awesome!! now you need to come down the street and be my personal interior designer :)

Older and Wisor said...

Check craigslist...they ALWAYS have chairs. Then you can scoot the ones you have on the side and keep the new ones at both ends...does that make sense?

BTW, I've got FIVE. But only one girl (although I was the oldest of five growing up - 4 girls in a row and a boy as the youngest - so I do know that there IS a difference with girls!) But my 10 year old poops in his clothes AT LEAST twice a day, so do I get bonus points for difficulty? ;)