Saturday, June 5, 2010

Target Nerf Gun Party

For Cole's 8th birthday we had to have a party with nerf guns. After all, it is his favorite thing to do. I have to have a theme some how for every party, so I decided to use a target. Here are the boys getting ready for their first mission. Dana gave them a Harry Potter DVD and told them it was a secret mission. Some boys were the defenders and some boys were trying to get the DVD.

For the cakes, I made fondant, which was really easy and turned out super cute.

Here is a bad picture of his invites. It was easy with help from the Cricut.

Target cupcakes

All in all it was an easy and fun party to do. Only two more kid birthdays this summer. Any ideas for a sweet 16 party?


Kelly said...

ooo-the cakes look great! you'll have to teach me fondant (but I may have to borrow your Crisco, don't know if I can come to terms with buying it)

Hilarie said...

Such a darling idea! :) I might have to steal it. I hear you about the theme. You have to have one! Lol. If I could make Demi do it, I would have her next party have a theme of pinwheels. It popped into my head the other day and I think it would be so cute! :)

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Aron_ Seo said...

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