Sunday, May 23, 2010

Prom Night 2010

Here are some pics from Chloe's prom. She got her toes done, nails put on, hair did and pretty much everything that you can think of having done. And she looked Amazing! I was so excited for her and a little sad for me.

Chloe and Dana. He acts like he is not interested but he was all about going to take their picture with me and dropping the kids off so it was just us. He said we are for sure old now and I agree. But this is what you want at the end of the day. Your kids to grow up, be happy and know that you did the best you could so they can have whatever they want out of life.
Chris and Chloe looking very mature.....

Chloe and her Mama

They were soooo hot the fire department showed up!!

Chloe looking beautiful

Chloe doing her Vogue shoot. Love love love this pic.

Waiting for their parents to come pick them up.

Posing like they are models. Really they were adorable and had a great night. Dinner at Kirby's, dancing at the prom and a million new memories. Chris went to church with Chloe today. He seemed scared but i am pretty for sure he would do anything she asked. A few more months and he is off to Syracuse to play soccer(Div I) and Chloe will have lots of time to get amazing grades! It's a win win!


Kelly said...

awwwhhh! She's so pretty...what a fun time for her!

eden and david said...

she looked so good!

Jamie said...

What a good looking couple. She looked beautiful... and so old! How time goes by in a hurry.

Jenn said...

Such a beautiful lady!!

Texas Tingey said...

*sigh* Great pics! She is such a beautiful girl! Inside and out!!!
And below, I also love the pic of Mia following Mallory!!! So neat!!!! That tree....there is something about that tree that makes me want to go "home". I love it! You can print that one for me for my birthday;-) Or just for fun because October is a looonnggg way off. lol