Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun Family Events Minus Pics

O.K. So first and most importantly, there are no pics to accompany my witty tellings of the last week-end. Aparently you have to have a memory card in your camera to download them to your computer. So, sorry Mom! Besides not having photographic evidence, we had an awesome long week-end. We went mountain biking in Huntsville with the Bowcutt's and had a great time. Dana pulled the girls who were less than impressed by the "bumpeys" but did do a nice job taking turns crying. We also had a nice vistit from my parents and brother Joseph and sister Jessica for another sister's birthday- Nicole. We went to Incredible Pizza and had fun with the miniture bowling and bumper cars. On to Saturday, filled with making a rock pathway in the backyard and painting the entry, my all-time favorite project....hum. We also made trips to the "lake" AKA drainage pond in the neighborhood so Dana, I mean Cole could play with his new remote control boat. Great week-end ending with Easter and a wonderful program at church. Love my family, love my life and all the amazing people in it!


HoustonMamaJenn said...

That's okay!! We'll give you a picture waver this once!!

MIT RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie said...

You never cease to make me laugh! :) I miss ya! Keep up the blogging...I could use the laughter some days. :)