Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Unfinished Projects

So I can't seem to get oraganized enough to complete some 'half' completed projects. Mainly because I don't know what to do or can't find what I am looking for. So maybe posting will help me organized my thoughts and get some much needed feedback.

Here is a pic of my curtains. I think I need to add some curtains underneath to add some length, but I am stuck on which color to buy.
O.K. Here is a FREE sofa table that a friend gave me. I was looking for ANYTHING for this long, crazy hallway. So I am thinking about painting it black and adding some lamps and whatever. Change out the hardware.
A picture of the crazy hallway! There is a weird archway there so you can't use the whole wall. Plus the hall turns a different direction
This is in the middle of the hallway, looking at the front door. What to do here.......
The shoe bench my honey made, complete with a rim to add a cushion(that I have not made) and notice the temp control right in the middle of the wall! So I guess I will add a black hook board, you know from Target, five or so hooks spaced apart attached to white or black wood board? That is my version of a mudroom, minus the room and cute stuff!
So if I can get this all done, then I might be able to finish my girls PINK room.(See how I got out of that ?....b/c I can't find white bedding under $75 a piece and the I got tired of being in that room!) Wish me luck!


Texas Tingey said...

Wow! You didn't tell me about the neat sofa table!
Looks like ya have had so much fun. Even though it is a lot to travel.

Br Boys said...

Glad your back!!We had a blast visiting you in San Diego.( See my blog for pictures.) I would paint the table black and put it in the entry way, right by the front door.Also if you put a mirror on the wall above it, it would make the entry look bigger. (I love mirrors)

Lewis Family said...

I vote for leaving the table the color it is and changing the hardware 1st, sometimes that will make it look nice w/out a drastic paint job. The idea about a mirror is a good one, too. Also I'd go with a color that is in the curtains but not the most prominent one; I'd choose a creamish or a dark red to accent those colors in the short curtains. I'm sure your creative genius will come up with what you like. You just need to drop some kids at my house while you peruse the craft store! You would not be remiss in coming to UNFinished Crafts Day at my house either!

Jamie said...

You do have some strange walls to work with, but like we talked about... clearly a man is building these homes. ;) Anyway, I would definitley paint the table black and change out the hardware... you know I love black. :) A big mirror would look nice above it w/ a lamp, some picture frames, etc on it. The curtains I do think should have some length and I would go with a tan or red to match the throw pillows on the couch. And yes, I like the hooks above the bench that your hubby made. And the bead board...it is Expensive! Worth it though I think. I love the way it looks. BUT, my sister-in-law did the fake wood and it was much cheaper. Had I of known I would have done that too.
Your house is beautiful already and you are doing a GREAT job!! Can't wait to see the all the finished products!! GOOD LUCK!

Melanie said...

yea for unfinished projects! i have a couple of those..So i called you i guess while you were on vacation. I needed to see if you could make me some bows out of some ribbon i have. the ribbon has a pattern on one side, and I'm not too good at that...BUT you were off having fun!
we haven't painted yet...we kept switching back and forth and changing our minds on color...so we decided to wait just a little bit! but we are enjoying the house. I am homesick for houston though.

Julie said...

Y'all are all so suoer smart! Thanks a ton for the great advice! Now I have a renewed excitement for all my projects!

Lewis Family said...

OOH, I just had an idea... it would be really pretty to put some sheer yellow underneath them. I would do it the entire length of the window and make them retractable somehow.