Monday, August 25, 2008

Beach trip Continues

Can you believe how amazing? Not quite a Texas beach!
Another great view
Dana and the kids looking at and trying to catch fish...too much Discovery Channel(catching fish looks easy when Bear does it)
Mia and Daddy looking for crabs! When we let them go, Cole almost cried.

This is how most days went at the beach
6:30 AM- My kids get up much to the dismay of everyone else.
7:00 AM- Dana and sometimes me take the kids down the street to buy a paper to let everyone sleep
8:00 am- start talking about the beach
9:00 am- pack up, lotion up and head to the beach
12-1 pm- Head back to pool to help rinse off
1-2 pm- lunch, some naps, hang out
3:00 pm- talk about going back to the beach or pool
3-5 pm - swim
5-6 pm- make dinner, oh and I forgot we ate about every 30 minutes....seriously!
7-9 pm- play, go crabbing, maybe swim one more time at the pool
9:00 pm- little girls to bed, the rest of us watching the Olympics, play cards, and EAT!


eden and david said...

so pretty!

Texas Tingey said...

Hey! Nice background!!
Can we go with you next year?? j/j Looks so nice and relaxing.

Jamie said...

Are you sure those pictures aren't of our beautiful sand and water at Galevston?! :) Looks almost the same. :) :)