Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Pickin- White Trash Style

This is what you call a White Trash Pumpkin Patch, AKA Kroger Grocery store. Notice the price, a low 3.88! Hard to compete with spending 40 bucks at the unnamed pumpkin patch!

Our patch's store front

WOW- look at all the pumpkins to choose from(which does cut the p picking time in half!)
Cute pic in our front yard instead of the hayride picture, but they are still smiling!

So the tough economy has hit our house this year. The budget is tightning and I am trying my best to keep the spending down. So in an effort to save, this is what our pumpkin patch looked like this year! Pretty sad, Chloe almost didn't go at all but we did get pumpkins, carved them and they will show the same on the porch as ones from the ****** patch down the road that now charges parking per PERSON and A LOT for a pumpkin! So all in all, I am feeling O.K. And Just thankful for all we do have!


Br Boys said...

Pumpkins are pumpkins no matter where you get them. Our pumpkin patch only charged $1 for the little pumpkins and the big one we went white trashing for also. Hey that could be a country song....White trash Halloween.::giggle::
PS I went as a cowgirl for Halloween this year.(Like the first year I met you) I pulled out my old Rockies(that I haven't woren in 10 years)They were a little tight around the waist, so No belt buckel. But I got to wear my boots and my Hat. It's felt good!

Lewis Family said...

They are way cute no matter how much they cost, and btw Wal-mart had them for 2.49 last week. Also, I know what you mean about tightening the budget, it seems we are always tightening it. But after tithing is paid, everything else falls into place!

Texas Tingey said...

I LOVE IT JULIE!! I, sadly, did not even take my poor kids to get a pumpkin ANYWHERE!! How sad is that?? If you are white trahin' it, what does that make me??? Wait!! It is only the 30th! I still have tomarrow!! We will see if it I make it to Kroger..........LOL!!

HoustonMamaJenn said...

I'm right there with ya sister!

Jamie said...

Hey, a pumpkin is a pumpkin! :) If it makes you feel any better, we did take the girls to the pumpkin patch, but Greg complained the whole time about the $12 we spent, what a waste of money it was, etc, etc. So, we won't be doing that again. :) We bout our pumpkins at Walmart even though we went to the p. patch, but I agree they are way to expensive there!!