Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's Fall Y'all

Well, I was without my Internet for almost two weeks and I seriously thought I might not make it. But I did and I am still trying to catch up!
So, this is what has been going on- we started back to school for a second time after 8 days off thanks to Ike. Chloe is doing great in school and getting ready to tryout for soccer at school. Cole is finding 1st grade a lot more work but is hanging in there. He just started wrestling, on purpose, and is loving it. Mallory is enjoying pre-school and making new friends. And Mia, she is growing up a little everyday and is so darn cute!
I have been decorating for fall and talked some crafty friends into using our skills for good- more crafts! Each one of us "sponsoring" two crafts, getting all the supplies and teaching the craft. So far we have two awesome pieces and four more to go.
Me and some friends took a trip to Canton, a little town with a huge flea market and craft expo! LOVED IT! I got a great dresser for the girls room. Dana is not too impressed b/c he said it is a piece of crap. But I love it, so thanks honey!
So I am back to the blog world and couldn't be happier!

I did not love the advance painting on this craft but I love the polka dots!
Paper Mache pumpkin- so cute! I love him.
Melissa and all her goods from Canton.
My dresser find from Canton, good for me, bad for my hubby!
Entry table for all the fall decor, did I mention orange is my favorite color?


HoustonMamaJenn said...

Wow-you, Kelly, and Melissa are like the dynamic crafting trio. Way to go girls.

Jamie said...

Love your new backround and all your fun fall crafts! Especially the plate... SO CUTE!! I still have not been to Canton... I know, what is wrong with me?! :) Anyway, I hear it is awesome! And for the record...I LOVE your new dresser! :)

Jennifer P. said...

I wish I had more places to stick Halloween decorations--those are SO cute! I love that FALL garland!

Thank you SO much for your sweet comment on my post. If my life insights can be of help or comfort to anyone else, I am humbled and grateful.

Ricks--'93-95 :) (just missed ya!)

Bowcutts said...
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Bowcutts said...

Did you have to put that picture of me. I know you took better pictures than that one.

It was a fun day. Lets do it again but will bring the Tylenol next time.

Jamie said...

I saw a little glimpse of you and Mia on Channel 11 News tonight. Wohoo... your famous. :)

Kelly said...

here's a cute blog I ran into....good kiddy projects

Kelly said...

how great is that hair clip?