Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another Project Complete!

I am never more fullfilled than crossing off a project off my list! The dresser took some time b/c it invovled painting and some rebuilding. My carpenter AKA Dana found wood rot on the top of the dresser so he had to build a new top.(remember he stated in was a piece of crap?) So now it is in the room and I think it looks great. Also, my mom came for a few days and decided to change things up in the living room and add some new pillows! Thanks mom! I culd not be happier with the results.

New pillow

Change of furniture arrangement

I loved the lines and details of this dresser

The bottom is so nice

Her new home, in the corner but not hid away!


HoustonMamaJenn said...

It looks FABULOUS! I love that you saw the VISION for this project and totally did it. Dana and you are both AMAZING!!

By the way. You could "kick my trash," running anyday!

Love ya!

Bowcutts said...

Looks good. Love the pillows.
The red accents your paint in the kitchen well.

LatinaMom said...

Nice job Julie!
Hey, I have a blog and I send you an invite. my name is latinamom, if you already deleted let me know and i will send you another invite.

HoustonMamaJenn said...

You have been TAGGED by me. Go to my blog for all the details. Also is your next door neighbor moving? We were on Har.com today and I think the address was right next to you.

Lewis Family said...

I love dressers, so decorative and functional at the same time! Good job!

Jamie said...

Looks great Julie!