Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mallory Cate

Mallory has been a busy girl. She has been doing awesome in school and is working hard. She loves school, her teacher and all her friends. Girls only. She loves to have play dates but Mia will do in a pinch! Here she is at the petting zoo and she pretty much would have stayed forever.

Her school did a rodeo day and we had to make a pony. Then they had a parade which was too cute. Her pony was pink of coarse!

She had to match with pink clothes and she LET me braid her hair since cow girls have braids! She kills me.
This picture pretty much sums Mallory up. Always goofy, a little crazy and sure does not care what you think! She is fun and smart and the most attached to me. She hates when I leave but rarely gives kisses.