Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mia Pia

Mia is growing up and couldn't be happier. She is so enjoyable and entertaining. She Loves the park and could swing for hours. She likes any movie she can talk me into watching and likes to ride her bike with Cole and Mallory.

Mia started gymnastics in January and ask everyday if it is Tuesday. She is learning a lot and now Cole wants to try it too! She is in her bathing suit because it was beach day at the gym.

Climbing at the park in another highlight. She is fearless and reminds me a lot of Cole.

We all went up to the pool to register for swimteam. There was hot dogs and a bounce house. Pretty much everything a kids could want! Mia is signed up to swim. She taught herself last summer to swim, so she is ready. Are they ready for her? Hard to know.