Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Catching up Part 2

We have been quite busy once school started this year. So when Christmas came we were all glad to take a break from activities and just have some fun. We went ice skating in Austin but it was so warm there was water everywhere! But the kids loved it and they were actually all good skaters.

Cole had a field trip in the fall to a farm in our area that preserved homes of original settlers. I went and "got" to dress up as a pioneer and show part of the home. Cole said it was AWESOME!
Chloe took her senior pictures right when school was starting and of course they turned out amazing. She has really grown up and we are looking forward to the next chapter for Chloe. She has committed to Southern Utah University for the fall and is very excited to leave high school.
This is Mia's first day of kindergarten. She was so excited to finally join her big sister and brother at school. She loves school and spends large quantities of time re-telling and re-teaching me everything she learns.