Saturday, April 19, 2008

Future Pro Soccer Player

Can you tell Mallory is in heaven???
Mia was really lovin her cupcake!

Cole in action
Who knew Cole looks good surrounded by purple?
These were the coolest trophy's(the soccer ball even spins)
Coach Corey and Cole

Here are some pictures of Cole's last soccer game. Despite the fact that his jersey was purple(Major issue), Cole was able to play a great season and actually scored some goals and kept the other teams from scoring. They had a party after the game and got super cool trophies. Cole was told by his coach he was really fast! The girls enjoyed some of the leftover cupcakes, so everyone was happy! I just added how many seasons of soccer we have done(counting Chloe) and this was our 14 soccer season....Where is our trophy??? Oh yeah, the smile on their face!!!!


Jamie said...

Way to go Cole! What a cutie...even in the purple uniform. ;)
Love the pic of Mia and her cupcake. I can't believe how old she is looking!!

HoustonMamaJenn said...

That boy is SOOOOOOOOOO Cute! He is becoming quite the athlete. I LOVE MIA with those pigtails.See ya at Swim Practice tommorow.

Bowcutts said...

That picture of
Mia needs to be printed. The coloring and lighting is perfect. Your kids are soo cute. Melissa