Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Best Friends

After the holidays and everyone returned back to school and work, I started noticing something at my house. My two little girls are not just sisters, these two cuties are best friends. They always have each other to be there for each new great adventure. How cool is that? Like having a friend that is up for any and everything and she is Always there because she lives with you! I have to admit I am a little jealous! I always wanted a sister to share my time with and I did get three. Only after I was 8, 10 and 12! By then the age gap was too big and I just watched those three fight, I mean play. The only experience I have to compare sisters to is going to college and having friends around all the time. But these two adore one another. I LOVE watching when Mallory tells a story or whatever and Mia just hangs open her mouth open, staring and listening to Mallory. She Never interrupts and or tries to but in the conversation. Mia is completely amazed by her sister and it is so cute! I am loving being a witness to this beautiful friendship and I am so looking forward to watching their friendship blossom!

I love it when a dream of your own comes true for your children!


Kelly said...

ooo-beyond sweet. As soon as Layla can defend herself I know they'll be friends :)

Jamie said...

Love this post!! Such lucky little girls...I feel the same way about Savannah & Kylie.

eden and david said...

too cute!!!