Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Projects Update

Here are my updates on my projects. First, my free table. It was suggested to move it down by the front door and I decided to paint it also.( actually my husband painted it b/c he was alarmed when I mentioned spray paint)
My bench minus the cushion and rack above it.


Thanks for all your advice! I feel soooo good about finishing some things. Now I will look for fabric to finish the curtains in the living room, and then back to the Pink room!


HoustonMamaJenn said...

Wow! They should feature you on one of the home shows. You rock girl!

Kelly said...

oooo-it's all so good. How wonderful to get things done!

*your hair is fab

Lewis Family said...

Good job. The table turned out great, and I love the new hardware. p.s. I think your hair looks great, too, you are blessed to be one of those people who can have short hair!

Jamie said...

Way to go Julie!! Love it Love it! And I love that I am not the only one who has gotten a jump start of my fall decorating. :) Greg makes so much fun of me. :) What can I say I LOVE the next couple of months!! And fall is my fav!

Texas Tingey said...

Awesome Julie! The table looks great as does the bench. It is amazing what a little black spray paint can do.
And, I love the decor!! Hooray for fall and halloween!!

Br Boys said...

I love painting things Black too. I'm kind of going through me black phase right now! Looks great!!

Bowcutts said...

The Table looks soooo good. Your hubby did a fabulous job. You must have a nice friend to just give you that table free. :)