Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Honey

I know, you are jealous about my awesome 90's hair. Try to get past it. This is me and my honey circa Valentines 1993. So cute, so funny!

This was a limo date night on Valentines many years ago. Yeah, Dana has always been too sweet, so thoughtful. HE is the best gift giver I have ever met. This year included flowers, and a great date with friends, great take out and a chick flick!

Seriously, he is the perfect man for me. He always says he loves me more and I get why he says that. He has a natural openess about him, a willingness to give 100%, while I tend to hold back, hold at arms length. He always has to make the first move, He ALWAYS says sorry first, he always forgives first. He is a nature giver, naturally thinks of others first.

My mom always said marry a man who loves you more. And I never got that. Why would you want to be with someone who loves you less? But I get it now. I love him 100% with all I have but his capacity to love is greater than mine. And I am thinkful he loves me still. And I continue to reach deeper within myself to deserve him and try to be more like him.
So thank you honey.
For loving me more.
And loving me still.


The Mangrum Family said...

Ok - I'm tearing up here. That is so sweet.

Jenn said...

This is DARLING! I LOVE IT! Ya'll are sooooooooooooooo perfect for each other!

Holly Child said...

That was such a sweet post, Julie! I think I remember seeing some of those pictures in our early college years! ;o)

Ryan and Tawnee said...

Too sweet, makes me miss ya'll even more!

Watley said...

That's awesome! (tears...)

Texas Tingey said... sweet Julie.