Saturday, February 7, 2009

What Have We Been Up To?

I realize I have not been blogging and before you jump to conclusions like I am on a month long vacation, let me set you straight! I have been mainly living in this vehicle. I take people to school(4 x a day, twice this week, same school), seminary,drop them off at jobs, take them to wrestling practices(3 x a week), take them to soccer games(2 x a week), take snacks for soccer, doctor appointments, friends and anything that they think is necessary for their well being. All within a 5 mile radius, but still able to use up a 25 gallon tank in 8 days.
Here is some proof of the wrestling. Cole is picking up some awards, but I have to admit it is b/c their is no one or very few kids in his weight class every week.
But he doesn't know that. He just likes the prizes.Part of Chloe's JV team. She is loving playing on the school team and I know it is so fun.(Remember those days...)

And I might have been pressured to sign up for Facebook which has taken some time away from my precious blogs! But I will not be swayed, and I will to be true to my blog and all it's treasures I receive.


HoustonMamaJenn said...

I wouldn't say "pressured," maybe just "encouraged!!" And that was JUST LAST WEEK so that has nothing to do with your blog before that! SMILE!!! Wink!!! Cute pics!! You have such an athletic family!! I love it!

Jamie said...

And I thought I was busy?!! :) Just reading your post made me tired. :)
I see you got a new car?? How exciting! Or maybe you've had it for a while now... I just haven't seen you in so long.
Glad to know that facebooking won't take away from your blogging. :)