Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Fun

Summer has officially begun because the pool is open, the kids are home and it is HOT! I have taken some advice from fellow bloggers and mapped out our days based upon activities that usually only last 30 minutes, much to my despair. Our first craft was making play dough with kool-aid, which was a big hit. They actually played with it for 1 hour the first day, then our normal 30 minutes on day two.

Mallory holding her purple play dough

Day one of summer vacation involved a lemonade stand. Unfortunately, we do not live on a corner or by a stop sign. So Chloe, being a veteran of lemonade stands decided to throw out a ball each time a car was nearing, so they would be forced to stop, although the tactic was not very effective. Amount made=$3.50. i still owe Kelly $3.00.

These are pics Chloe took while baby-sitting with her timer. I think they turned out great and I know for a least 5 minutes, everyone was having a blast.

So we are not quite through week one but we are having fun. We already have had our first sunburn of the season and have almost completed swim team. And made Popsicles. And slept in. And I am enjoying every minute of it.