Friday, June 26, 2009

Beach Bum Alert

We decided to head down to the beach on Thursday. One of the perks to living in Houston is the ability to head down for a day trip since the beach is close by. The water was nice and refreshing. I was disappointed that the city beach we go to for the awesome bathrooms and showers has not recovered from Ike. The boardwalk up to the showers was gone and there was no running water at all. But the town was looking good and you could tell there was lots of work still in progress.

Hanging out
Mallory got stung by a jellyfish the first 10 minutes b/c she was playing with it!(we told her not to!)

Me and the girls

Mia played the water with the boogie board almost the entire time!
Mallory being Mallory
Cole digging in the sand. Shocking

All in all everyone had fun. And no one got sunburned! Yippe! We all are a little closer to being so tan it is sick and can't wait to go back.

No pics of Chloe. It is her new move to avoid the camera!


Jenn said...

I love it! And you so make me want to get a camera with black and white capabilities-so classic!

Kelly said...

why do I look so chubby in the photo...aack!