Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Good times in Austin

Me and the crazy monkeys that reside with me headed to Austin for a few days. We had a blast hanging out at some our our favorite spots.

One of the highlights was the kids got to ride a 4 wheeler at Nana and Pop Pop's and the horse. It is amazing what kids will do in 105 temp when they are having fun! Here is Chloe and her friend Brandi.(Hint to those without older kids yet, they only travel in pairs so you have to bring a friend.)

Me outside our favorite place to eat in Georgetown. Why am I posing by their newspaper rack? Because I used to deliver those papers every morning around 5 am.....pregnant. Oh the good times.
Just a cute photo of the kids in front of the "lake" in our neighborhood.

Anyways, we had a blast, even went to Barton Springs(famous Austin hot spot). Me and Chloe were a little sad coming home b/c Austin just still feels like home and probably always will. Sniff Sniff


Kelly said...

shouldn't WE be traveling in pairs too? Next time, TAKE ME WITH YOU!

Jamie said...

I have lived here for almost 8 years and SC still feels like home to me too. :( Your hir is SUPER cute short!! Love it! Have you had it short for a while and I just haven't seen you in forever?? Miss you!

Holly Child said...

Lookin' good, Julie!! And your kiddos are just adorable! :o)