Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sprinkler Park= Free Fun

By mid July we are getting a little crazed here in Texas. To say it is hot does not really do justice to what it actually feels like to be outside. So as the summer goes on, we get more bored and more broke trying to entertain. But luckily I have a super smart GiGi(Dana's grandma). She suggested we meet in downtown Houston to play as the sprinkler park. It is free. She will bring my kids favorite cousin Meghan. Nough said.

Here are the results


More smiling

Getting wet

Getting more wet

And having a great afternoon enjoying life. AHH, summer.


eden and david said...

too fun!

Texas Tingey said...

Wow! That really does look fun. Did you really just sit and watch? C'mon, really?? lol