Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cole's Big Fun

Cole and Clayton at the rodeo. Cole likes the bull riders....of course!
Are you feeling safe?????
How about now?
Cole at Dean and Elly's and their GIANT slip and slide.
Cole all tuckered out...could he be any cuter?

While we were having fun at home, Cole Brandon went went his Nana's and Pop Pop's with his cousin Clayton. They went on Thursday morning and by the end of the day they had shot grasshoppers, rode Clayton's 4 wheeler and dug up Nana's garden that has burned to a crisp. They also went to the movies, a shopping trip for cowboy apparel, a night at the Belton Rodeo, two parties and whatever time was left, "working" on the land! Don't you know Cole was in heaven. He called on Friday to say he "got" to cut back the lantana and how fun that was. I told him, "You NEED to be a farmer son. It is the only way to happiness!" So the trip was a success and Cole got a little farm fix. Thanks Nana and Pop Pop!


Texas Tingey said...

I love that picture of Mia on your 4th of July post! She is such a cutie!
Man, Cole will remember this 4th of July for the rest of his life! We all really need bigger back yards....that is the least we could do for our kids. *sigh*

Cathy Hengst said...

Look at that sweet Cole! You can tell he is right in his element. Sounds like he had a great vacation.