Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fourth of July

Mia at the fireworks cheesing the camera
Mallory, Chloe, Ramsey, Dana and Riley hanging out.
Dana and his brown eyed girl!
Mia, Chloe and Mallory at the beach in Galveston.
Mallory trying on a camo hat at the army supply store in Galveston.

We started our long week-end with a trip to the drive in! Cole went to Nana's, so it was girl's night.(Plus Dad) This is how to watch a movie!
Me and Dad at the movies......I know, so dang cute!
Fourth of July in the morning we went to the pancake breakfast at the church.
Had to show off the festive bow!
That night we went to The Woodlands fireworks with the Rucker's and had a great time!
Here is Mia, Ramsey, Chloe and Mallory

We had a great Fourth of July and had lots of fun pretending like we were such jet-setters! By the end of the week-end we were exhausted but grateful for the memories! First was the drive-in, better than two summers ago but Mia is still the loose cannon. Then pancake breakfast fourth of July morning, swimming and grilling at a friends for the afternoon. Than off the the fireworks with the Rucker's. By the time we got home, I was worn out. But oh no, we couldn't stop there, we met Dana's aunt, uncle, cousin, grandmother and new grandpa at the beach. Lots of fun family time, then off the get the best chocolate malt ever in Galveston, check out some stores. Then back home, Sunday we picked up Cole from his fun week-end(another blog) and got home from church to welcome our cousin Meghan who is really our kids ages(4) for a two day girl fest! Don't you just love summer????


Texas Tingey said...

So, here I am again....yea, y'all are so cute!!! And next year we will be joinin' you and the Ruckers in the woodlands.......

Jamie said...

Yay~ So glad to see a new post with your super cute family!! Looks like y'all had a wonderful
4th! And Cole...looks like he had a BLAST!! He is so in his element.... so cute!